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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudCo Nexus is a company specialising in hardware supplies, to accompany Cloud Co. 

CloudCo is an IT company specializing in providing all IT  related services. 

Services include:

  • Connectivity
  • Hosting
  • Voice
  • Managed Services and
  • Licensing.

CloudCo Nexus will always go the extra length in ensuring that we provide you with the best possible prices for all the hardware we offer.

CloudCo Nexus has relationships with multiple suppliers, and the reason why we are so much more affordable, is because our suppliers enable us to buy directly from the importer. 

Part of CloudCo Nexus policy is that we only offer products from suppliers we regard as the best on the market. We sell tried and tested products, but if you still want something that we don’t have on offer – we will still be able to provide you with that hardware.

As a method of furthering our customer services and keeping up our good reputation, we are working on offering “Subscription based Rentals”. This will enable any user to pay a monthly fee over a period of time and in return receive a device. 

As soon as we’ve launched our platform, we will let you know – so be sure to subscribe to our mails. 

The Innovation Zone is a platform with CloudCo Nexus our own line of Innovative products.

Each of these products seeks to streamline and combine multiple technologies into one concise package. This allows tailor made solutions that can be produced and rapidly deployed providing not only a solution but flexibility as well.

These products are designed in house and manufactured through our locally based Partners. These helps to Support local industry as well as allows us to have our own custom branded products that can be easily maintained.

A relationship with CloudCo allows clients to get remote support for all IT related issues with their equipment.

We love to do business, and we love relationship.

CloudCo Nexus put in place a policy to ensure that all existing CloudCo and CloudCo Nexus members are given a little extra something when purchasing from our new E-Commerce site. 

However, any persons who joins from now will also be regarded as family and will also receive a little discount.

We would love to talk to YOU! Contact us today!

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